We pay the greatest attention to the raw materials

Initially, everything revolved around gastronomy for the Kellers.  To make wines that partner food perfectly has thus always been central to their winemaking.  In vineyard and winery, just as in the kitchens of the restaurants, the greatest attention is paid to the raw materials.  Only grapes of a select quality – this is our conviction – can go on to develop their own character which speaks of the terroir and the estate.

Ecologically sound viticulture, utilising organic fertilisers in tune with the needs of the vineyard and the use of green manures to improve soil structure are as fundamental to vineyard work at Weingut Franz Keller Schwarzer Adler as yield reduction by thinning, green harvest and – for the best qualities – halving of bunches.
We insist on harvesting healthy, full-flavoured grapes at their optimum state of ripenes.  For this reason all grapes are picked by hand and if need be in several successive stages.  We deliberately pay attention to this ‚physiological‘ ripeness of the grapes, it is a much more valid indicator of quality and ripeness than just the sugar (and therefore potential alcohol level) of the grapes.  Grapes should not just be sweet, their taste has to be balanced and complex, too, just as the wine later.

Opening times:

Monday to Friday: 8.00 - 18.00 hrs
(January and February until 17.00 hrs)
Saturday: 8.00 - 16.00 hrs
(January and February until 13.00 hrs)